Friday, February 11, 2011

NEW CALL: ABAD Treviso, Italy
Deadline March 20, 2011

Here is another call for an ABAD in Italy. The twist is, this is the first show to request an actual book. I believe that now the number of global ABADs is 22! You can go here to see some books that have already been submitted:

 Un Libro Sulla Morte : ABAD ITALIA Altered Book Artist Call 
Artist’s Book or Altered Book, e.g. small Moleskine book, or any other suitable "book." Your book can be several postcards bound together. Please add the title somewhere on your work: “Homage to Ray Johnson: A Book About Death” (In your own language).
No returns
Technique/Medium: Free
Deadline: 20 March 2011
Documentation: Web

Mail your "altered" book to:
Virginia Milici
Via G. Verdi 18/A
31038 Paese (Treviso) ITALY

Please send photos of works submitted in jpg format : maximum 1800 pixels / 300kb / 72dpi

Deadline April 25, 2011

In an effort to keep all ABADers in the loop and help expand the ABAD Universe, I will begin posting calls for new shows here. 

The latest one is being curated by artist Patricia Sahertian. The ABAD Memento exhibition is set for May 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona at the Willo North Gallery.

Please see the site for all information on the exhibition, including deadlines, guidelines, venue and how you can get involved:

Deadline for postcard and memento: April 25, 2011
Show dates: May 3 to 28, 2011
Reception: May 6, 2011

Patricia Sahertian
1517 W. Willetta Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007 USA

Please send jpgs (no larger than 600 x 400 px) of your work (for posting on the ABAD Momento blog), with your name and your website/blog or contact link to Patricia. Tell the story of your momento here. 

Call for: one work on paper, post card size: approximately 6x4 inches (either vertical or horizontal) any medium, original art or reproduction is acceptable. 

Optional twist: include a memento
Mementos play an important role in our remembering. A simple thing like a toothbrush, a letter, a toy, a paperclip, or a swatch of fabric, can be a fond reminder of a lost loved one. So please also send a tiny memento, if you like. See memento guidelines. Mementos will be displayed with your work.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

ABAD Evolution


I'm optimistic that this Year of the (dead?) Rabbit will be good to us all. Hopefully, you're enjoying good things already!

Amazingly, as of today there have been 20 ABADs with 2 more on the way. And we keep participating, creating and growing. The exploration continues to increase exponentially all the time. ABAD never sleeps.

Now, what I'd like to know is: how many have you been in? And how many new pieces have you done? What variation on the theme would you like to see in a future show? Please post your answers below... xxo